Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tights & Strawberry Jam

Ruby is looking and feeling a lot better today.
Amazing what a good nights sleep, calpol and mum snogs can do!

I made these letters for her bedroom when she was 4 days old... 
Its one of the first things I did for her and I loooove them.
They are one of my most favourite things.  
So, it's her 365 for the day.. I got my Ruby back :)
 My girl needs NO more tights... and yet, I cant find ones to match every morning.

Her gorgeous new Strawberry Jam vest from Uncle Graeme and Aunty Natalia, 
Which I LOOOOVE!  How yummy is that?!

 And whilst I spend the morning re-organising her wardrobe, putting the clothes in wearable sets to make things easier for when dad has to dress her (so she doesn't look like a cast member from Annie) and sorting through all the tights...

Ruby spends it hugging and climbing all over dad :)

I think she is feeling better....


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