Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Starbucks on a Tuesday

This is rare.  Rare for me to be in town on a Tuesday.  
It's even rarer that I managed to get a seat (a super comfy one as well).  Bonus!

Okay so it's not the super comfy sofa, the girl I sat next to is sat on that.
She finished her drink 35 minutes ago and I thought I was in with a chance of scrounging the comfy seats early on.  I'm sat really near them.  Does it still count?  

I'm normally trying to get a seat on a Saturday lunchtime, with a pram & usually fail to get myself in the door, let alone a sniff of coffee or an actual seat.
Ruby's fallen asleep in her pram so I've got yet another rare chance to sit with a coffee, 
listen to music and write down todays post.

I took the day off work to spend it with Ruby.  
I left my camera at home and used my instagram app instead.
(littlerubyloves incase you want to follow)

We went to the museum.  
We walked around town.  
We giggled & we cuddled.
I had a hot coffee...

What a day!

Tomorrow is a family day!


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