Sunday, 15 May 2011

Baby Jars?

Its been a busy busy week here in the Stewart household. 

We are still going with Ruby's 365 photos... 

We normally make a lot of Ruby's food ourselves, or babyfy (is that a word? I think it should be now, I kind of like it), but since we have been so busy, its been jars, jars, jars!

So, we thought we'd make a few little pretties using them!

What you will need:  
Some jars of course!  Scissors, glue dots (or a glue gun), some yummy craft tape, some pretty ribbon, markers, a selection of papers and stick on diamonds & some cute shaped hole punches.

We started by choosing some pretty polka paper, cutting it to cover the jar, 
& punching some lovely love hearts along the bottom, a little bit of white ribbon
& taaaaadddaaaa....

A gorgeous little jar for those hand picked posies :)

Now, if you have a good imagination, you can make any number of things!

We made a pencil/pen holder to keep my desk all lovely and neat.
Simple brown paper and a few diamonds and we have a lovely tea light holder,  how gorgeous would something so pretty and simple be for a wedding table?
or just one piece of ribbon around a teeny jam jar and it looks so cute!

You can even use them for organising your crafty things, 
like ribbons & my favourite... 

Buttons, keep them all in order by colour!

I'd love to see what you make from your jars, so leave some links, 

But we'll leave you with her 365 from a few days ago, 
we got Ruby her very own mirror, she loves to have little conversations with herself, 
and admire her own dancing!


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